Leadership with Soul By André Lacroix

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Date of Publication : 18 October 2022
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Who is the book for?

Leadership with Soul is written for established and aspiring business leaders in all shapes and sizes of organisation, within every market category and industry sector around the world. Anyone, from a management student to a global CEO, who wants to become a more inspirational leader and achieve better outcomes, will benefit from reading this book.

About Leadership with Soul
In his book, André Lacroix reveals his formula on how to make businesses flourish. He uses his universal humanist principles that have been developed over a long, diverse and outstanding leadership career.
André Lacroix explains simple ways you can inspire a global organisation to outperform the competition; how you can create a truly customer-centric organisation; how best to inspire people to follow the lead set at the top, and how to leave a sustainable legacy for the generations to come.
For Lacroix, true leadership prioritises sustainability and a desire to make the world an ‘ever-better’ place for everyone and many of the largest corporations are now adopting the sustainability solutions he envisioned.

About the author
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André Lacroix has an exceptional record of value-creation at every company he has ever led. Beyond that, over the years, he has become a recognised authority on sustainability in the corporate world. In Leadership with Soul, André Lacroix reveals his model for business success, built over more than three decades with world-leading organisations such as Ernst & Young, Colgate Palmolive, PepsiCo, Burger King, Euro Disney, Inchcape, Reckitt Benckiser and Intertek.
Lacroix attributes his success to taking an empathetic, humanist approach to driving sustainable value for all: customers, employees, shareholders, communities and society as a whole. He has consistently applied this thinking to address the different challenges he has faced wherever he has worked:
Ernst & Young: auditing major public companies and banks in West Africa
Colgate: growing Colgate megabrands in France and Germany
PepsiCo: listening to the voice of the consumer to build brand icons
Burger King International: re-positioning the Burger King brand for outperformance
Disneyland Paris: sustainable growth based on the insights from its biggest fans – the resort’s 12,000 ‘cast members’
Inchcape: building trust by identifying and exceeding real customer needs
Reckitt Benckiser: serving on the Board of one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies in the world
Intertek: applying the principles of Total Quality Assurance to make the world ever-better for everyone

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